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Student Engagement and Success

Support for Military Students

As a Military student, you will receive support on campus that will help you transition between military and seminary worlds. Fuller Psychological and Family Services will provide a safe and welcoming environment where you are free to discuss the ironic, painful, and difficult with equal openness.

Emotional, Social, and Academic Support


The Psychological Center, the training arm of the School of Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy, offers services through its outpatient clinic, Fuller Psychological and Family Services. Clinical services are provided by students enrolled in the Clinical Psychology PhD or PsyD programs, or the Marriage and Family Therapy programs. FPFS serves children, adolescents, and adults through individual, couple, family and group therapy. Students in SMT programs are offered a discounted rate of $20 per session. Licensed Psychologists and Marriage and Family Therapists are available at a higher rate. Some of the specific services offered are:

  • Psychological screenings for candidacy into the ministry
  • Psychological evaluations and testing for adults and children
  • Counseling aimed at resolution of a variety of relational, emotional, spiritual, moral, and cultural problems that may arise in every day life
  • Crisis and ongoing counseling to victims and/or perpetrators of abuse
  • Premarital counseling and marital enrichment/ therapy
  • A variety of group counseling opportunities

For more information or to make an appointment, call 626-584-5555.