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Daniel Christensen


PhD Candidate, New Testament

About Daniel

My name is Daniel Christensen, and I am a PhD candidate in New Testament Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. My research focus is on rhetoric and narratology in Acts. Two of my driving questions are: What is the relationship between rhetorical πίστις and faith in Acts? And how does engaging the New Testament through rhetoric impact the theological interpretation of Scripture? My other research interests include the Synoptic Problem, Historical Jesus Studies, and Digital Humanities. I have backgrounds in History (Eastern Washington University), Theology (Whitworth University), and Social Sciences (The University of Chicago). I enjoy learning new ways to approach and understand how people view the world and the things they read. I grew up and am currently living in Spokane, WA and enjoy being outdoors whenever possible.


Whitworth University


MA in Theology

Eastern Washington University


BA in History

Research Interests

Luke-Acts, Ancient Rhetoric, Narratology, Historical Jesus, Digital Humanities


Roman Citizenship as a Climactic Narrative Element: Paul’s Roman Citizenship in Acts 16 and 22 Compared with Cicero’s Against Verres

2018, Conversations with the Biblical World

As We Were Saying: Interrupted Speech and the Characterization of Stephen and Paul in Acts 7 and 13

2023, SBL Annual Meeting

Rhetorical Rearrangement: The Centurion at Capernaum and the Representation of Authority and Faith in Matt 8:5–13

2023, PNW AAR

The Application of Word-Based Statistical Models in Synoptic Studies, Going Beyond the Synoptic Problem


Fuller Seminary hosts these profiles as a courtesy to our doctoral students. Their views are their own and do not necessary reflect the views of the seminary.