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Senior Administration

Fuller’s senior administration consists of a diverse group of administrators who provide experienced, skillful leadership for the seminary’s daily operations as well as longer-term planning.

Alexis Abernethy

Alexis Abernethy
Associate Provost of Faculty Inclusion and Equity

Ray Asad

Ray Asad
Chief Operations and Chief Financial Officer


Brent Assink
Chief of Philanthropy

Bernadette J. “BJ” Barber

Bernadette J. “BJ” Barber
Executive Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development

Tod Bolsinger

Tod Bolsinger
Vice President and Chief of Leadership Formation

Ted Cosse

Ted Cosse
Dean of School of Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy


Lauralee Farrer
Chief Storyteller and Vice President of Communications


Oscar Garcia-Johnson
Assistant Provost for Centro Latino


Sebastian Kim
Assistant Provost for the Korean Studies Center

Daniel D Lee

Daniel Lee
Assistant Provost for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry

Peter Lim, Diversity Council Chair

Peter Lim
Diversity Council Chair

Dwight Radcliff

Dwight Radcliff Jr.
Assistant Provost for the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies

Marcus Sun

Marcus Sun
Vice President of Global Recruitment, Admissions, Marketing, and Retention


Amos Yong
Dean, School of Theology and School of Intercultural Studies