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Posts by Elijah Davidson

Juan Martinez’s Groundbreaking New Book Now Available

Juan Martinez

Juan Martínez, professor of Hispanic studies and pastoral leadership, has released a new book, The Story of Latino Protestants in the United States, that is the first major historical overview of one of America’s most vibrant Christian movements. This groundbreaking book provides a broad historical overview of Latino Protestantism in the United States from the early…

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Sebastian Kim’s Latest Book Names Outstanding Academic Title

Sebastian Kim

The Companion to Public Theology, edited by Korean Studies Center Executive Director Sebastian Kim with Katie Day, has been named one of 2017’s Outstanding Academic Titles by Choice magazine. This year’s Outstanding Academic Title list was selected by the Choiceeditorial staff from among the over 5,300 titles reviewed by Choice over the past year. The awarded titles have been selected for their…

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Today it was announced that President Trump is not expected to extend the March 5 deadline for legal protections from deportation of those under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA), also known as “Dreamers.” This decision and Congress’s inability to devise a solution for this pressing issue have created a cruel atmosphere of fear…

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