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The Waitlist

So you’re on the Waitlist. . .

Bad news and good news. The bad news, of course, is that you didn’t get in a class that you wanted. It closed (filled up). The good news is that you were able to add yourself to the Waitlist (WL), and this means that there’s a chance you may get in the class yet, depending on where you are on the WL and whether or not (and how many) people drop the class before it is too late to add it. Of course, if you are not interested in being waitlisted for the class, you can remove yourself right away, or any time in the future, and we encourage you to do so.

How did the class close? A class can close in two ways. First, the capacity of the room (in accordance with Fire Department regulations, for your safety) may have been reached. We have probably tried to move it to another room and could not. However, something may still be worked out which would allow us to move it to a larger room and reopen the class. If this creates an opening for you, we will let you know (see the procedures below). Secondly, there may be an agreed limit based on the nature of the class. For example, New Testament exegesis classes are limited to 30 students. Preaching Practica are limited to 9 students. This limit cannot be changed by the instructor (he or she cannot give permission to let you or someone else in the class), so don’t ask. And it wouldn't matter if we had a larger room available.

We want to help you get in the class if at all possible. Others who got into the class ahead of you may drop the class before the quarter starts, or during the first week, making room for someone to get in from the Waitlist. Here’s how this works.

  1. DROP IT IF YOU DON'T WANT IT. If at ANY time you are no longer interested in getting into the class, just log in, go to the Registration form, and drop the waitlisted class. Not only does this prevent you from being added to a class you don't want, but it gives other students on the waitlist the best chance to get into a class if a space opens up.
  2. WE WILL ADD IT WITHOUT ASKING. If you are still on the Waitlist for a class and an opening occurs for which you are eligible, we will assume it is because you still want the class and we will add you without trying to contact you first (as long as there is no conflicting class, in which case, we will contact you by email). We will notify you that we have added the class using your email address. If you want to drop another class as a result of being added to a class from the Waitlist, it is up to you to drop the class through Online Registration.
  3. KEEP CHECKING IT. Check your schedule. If the status column says "Registered" instead of "Waitlisted", you're in! You'll soon also get notice from us by email at your address.
  4. DROP IT IF YOU DON’T WANT IT. If after we have added you from the Waitlist you don't want the class, it is up to you to drop the class within the applicable deadlines in order to get a full refund. The fact that you may not be aware that you were added to the class because you did not check your schedule or your email is not a basis for an exception to drop and refund deadlines.

That’s it. Rest assured we'll do our best to get you into the classes you want. But we need your help. Drop yourself from classes you know you don't want to take. Keep these notes about the Waitlist handy and be sure to ask if there's anything you don’t understand. Attend the class (if applicable), until the deadline for adding the class, so you won’t miss anything in case you do get in. And keep in touch, one way or another, as the quarter starts. Together, maybe we can make it happen.

Remember, though, that if we can't get you into the class by the time the deadline to add the class comes (e.g. Friday of the first week of the quarter for 10-week classes), you'll have to stop attending the class. You’ll get an email from the Registrar’s Office if time runs out and we were not able to get you into the class.

QUESTIONS?? Contact Lisa Avila
Assistant Registrar for Registration Services
[email protected]