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Where important new ideas are explored.

Research in the School of Psychology at Fuller Seminary takes place within the context of the Travis Research Institute (TRI). Under the leadership of Director Warren Brown, TRI has established and maintains an infrastructure that encourages large-scale collaborative research and facilitates obtaining funding for a variety of projects.

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Furthering Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research

The mission of the Travis Research Institute is to solidly support, encourage, and fund excellent and often groundbreaking research in the School of Psychology, to enhance the understanding of human nature toward the relief of disorder and distress. TRI is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research into the relationships between social systems, environmental situations, personality, mental and affective states, cognitive processes, neurobiological functions, and spiritual and religious states and practices.

TRI Research Labs

At the intersection of science, psychology, and theology is the work of research: testing and exploring new hypotheses to expand human knowledge. Doctoral faculty in the School of Psychology have  “laboratories,” consisting of a team of faculty, collaborators, research assistants, and students conducting research focused on a particular topic.

Human Brain & Cognition

Warren S. Brown, PhD

Researching the cognitive and psychosocial impact of variations in connectivity and communication between cerebral hemispheres

Culture, Children, and Families

Joey Fung, PhD

Dr. Fung's lab studies culture and family processes, adolescent depression and mindfulness, and spirituality.

Headington Research Lab

Cynthia Eriksson, PhD

Conducting research and consultation to support trauma-informed ministry

Imperfect Culture

Kenneth Wang, PhD

Exploring the ways culture and perfectionism intersect with well-being, religiousness, and assessment

Cultural Psychology and Narrative Inquiry

Jenny Pak, PhD

How do cultural and religious values impact emotional process in psychotherapy, trauma, and aging?

Cognition, Religion, and Culture

Justin Barrett, PhD

Religion, Spirituality, and Psych

Alexis Abernethy, PhD

Psychology and Cultural Issues

Lisseth Rojas-Flores, PhD

Resilience and Cogmed

Anne Nolty, PhD

Youth and Spiritual Development

Pamela Ebstyne King, PhD

Religious Coping and Support

Jeffrey Bjorck, PhD

Psychometrics and Culture

Sung Kim, PhD

Restorative Therapy

Terry Hargrave, PhD

Cultural Psychology of Religion

Alvin Dueck, PhD

Human Embodiment and Clinical Psychology

Brad Strawn, PhD

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