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The Next Faithful Step

Spiritual Formation Outcomes

Fuller Theological Seminary

At Fuller Theological Seminary we affirm and accept responsibility for consistently nurturing the process of spiritual formation in our community. We acknowledge that the touchstone of spiritual formation is the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ through the work of the Spirit. As a gardener prepares the soil for seed, we believe part of theological education is to create an environment conducive for the work of the Spirit to continue developing disciples of Christ. We therefore hold to the following outcomes of spiritual formation for our students at Fuller.

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, students will:

  1. Recognize and develop the narrative of their spiritual journey by engaging their own cultural context and heritage and deepening personal awareness of identity and vocation as a disciple of Jesus Christ through intimacy with God. (Identity)
  2. Be exposed to the practices and disciplines which shape faith and character specific to their callings. In particular, students will learn to draw upon the resources of Christ's church and the Fuller community so as to root their lives in Scripture, worship, corporate and personal prayer, ministries of service, and other Christian practices. (Practice)
  3. Develop a capacity to integrate their academic training, and their vocational formation with their life in the Spirit, growing in wisdom, skill, faith, hope, and love. (Integration)
  4. Articulate a passionate and active participation in Jesus Christ's mission in the world, refined in community and informed by tradition, global realities, and opportunities as well as their own gifts and skills. (Missional)