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Bringing Biblical and Theological Wisdom into Today’s World

Wrestle with ultimate questions in a diverse, down-to-earth, worldwide community of Christ followers. In Fuller’s School of Theology you’ll find deep roots in Scripture and classical Christian faith tethered to robust commitments to the church’s mission in the world, as well as the formation of disciples and leaders who serve faithfully in anticipation of the coming reign of God.

Cultural, Contextual Engagement

Centered in Scripture

Missionally Focused

It’s not just what you study, it’s who you study with.

The School of Theology faculty includes renowned scholars in the areas of biblical studies, systematic and historical theology, and practical ministry, whose groundbreaking books and articles raise and respond to the important questions of our time. Yet we approach our teaching vocation dialogically, also seeking to listen to and learn from those we teach.

Vince Bantu
Master’s Degrees

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

This rigorous program forms students holistically for agile, biblically grounded leadership in the church, the marketplace, and society at large

Master's Degrees

MA in Theology

One of our most flexible degrees, the MAT allows students to dive deeper into a specific area of interest while preparing them for advanced theological study if they wish

Master's Degrees

MA in Theology and Ministry (MATM)

This program combines practical learning with biblical studies to equip students to serve in a church, nonprofit, or other setting with theological and cultural competence

Master's Degrees

MA in Justice and Advocacy (MJA)

Providing a formational education for those enacting God’s call to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” in their vocational contexts

Advanced Degrees

PhD in Theology

The highest degree Fuller offers, the PhD prepares students for teaching and scholarship, with opportunities for focused research in a specific theological area

Advanced Degrees

ThM in Theology

This program enables theology graduates to broaden and deepen their theological knowledge and competencies, and to focus on an area of specialization

Advanced Degrees

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

This practice-oriented doctorate equips pastors and others in ministry with new levels of theological discernment and leadership skills to be more reflective, effective practitioners

Certificate Program

Christian Studies

This flexible, six-course program is customizable to a student’s needs and interests, and can be applied to a future degree if desired

Areas of Interest

Master’s students can focus on specific areas of interest and support vocational goals by choosing from numerous course options—including from the following areas:

African American Church Studies

Focus on topics relating to the African American church, community, and culture

Theology and the Arts

Integrate theology and the arts as you creatively explore and express your own calling

Worship Music Ministry

Critically engage questions about the role of music in worship

Youth, Family, and Culture

Learn to synthesize the developmental trajectories and sociological contexts of young adults into the spiritual support they need

Asian American Contexts

Gain knowledge and resources to more effectively lead as an Asian American or in Asian American contexts

Fuller Youth Institute

Turning academic research into practical resources to help make the church the best place for young people to grow

Center for Advanced Theological Studies

If you’re considering an advanced research theological degree, learn more about our distinguished faculty and programs

Brehm Center for Worship, Theology
and the Arts

Where leaders learn to critically integrate theology and the arts as they creatively explore and express their own callings

Willie Jennings

Join Us for the Annual Payton Lectures

This annual Spring Quarter lectureship features leading Christian scholars who engage important contemporary themes from biblical, theological, or practical perspectives. Combined with the Missiology Lectures (Fall Quarter) and the Integration Symposium (Winter Quarter), these lectureships are one venue of the interdisciplinary thinking and inquiry that is a hallmark of Fuller Seminary’s educational ethos.

Past Payton Lectures on FULLER studio

Discover resources for engaging biblical and theological studies on FULLER studio.

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