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Brehm Residency Artwork

The Brehm Residency

Discovering the importance of the arts in God's story—and our stories—by cultivating relationships between artists & churches.

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What is the Brehm Residency?

How do artists experience the world? How do creative hearts respond to the story of God? We believe these questions matter. The mission of the Brehm Residency is to cultivate generative relationships between artists and ministry leaders who are mutually dedicated to the artistic renewal of our communities and their churches.

We seek to inhabit the story through a nine-month learning and working community of artists and church leaders. The program includes a synchronous online curriculum and a series of online retreats, allowing opportunities for theological education, vocational encouragement, art-making, and deep relationship for artists, church leaders, and entire congregations; and ultimately for the cultural and creative growth of our local communities.

Excellence in Any Medium

The diversity of mediums in the program—from painting to architecture to songwriting—provides a rich opportunity for collaboration between artists and congregations.

Committed to the Church

The mission of the Brehm Residency is most effectively embodied in the relationship between the artist and the local church.

Centered on Christ

The important work of creativity in the church and in the world is centered on the work of Christ—in whom we live, and move, and have our being.

For the Renewal of Culture

We believe that artists who are rooted in supportive communities are better equipped to serve the culture.

Is the residency right for my church?

The Brehm Residency seeks churches and ministry leaders who believe in the value of the creative arts for the flourishing of communities. No matter where your church may be on the spectrum of engagement with the arts, the churches we seek are ready to take risks by investing in a group of gifted, multidisciplinary artists towards the integration of more embodied forms of Christian formation and thoughtful cultural leadership.

Churches who are a part of the residency will support a regional artist spiritually and vocationally. A church liaison will be identified from each congregation to partner with the artist in conversation, learning, and fellowship throughout the nine-month period. Church liaisons will be equipped to grasp the value of the arts for Christian formation and cultural transformation, as well as to implement artistic schemes for the benefit of church and community. Liaisons and artists commit to fostering community through online retreats, common readings, creative rhythms, and spiritual practices; and to translating these experiences into their unique congregational settings.

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Seattle Cohort

The Seattle Cohort will consist of four to five churches that each sponsor an artist and a church liaison. These eight to ten participants will comprise a fellowship that will follow the curriculum synchronously, gather for monthly online meetings with the possibility of holding a geo-physical celebration to conclude the residency. 

National Cohort

Our nationwide cohort provides the opportunity for churches from all over the United States to share the residency experience together. Each church with an artist and liaison will connect with other registered participating churches to form a fellowship that will follow a synchronous online curriculum and gather for monthly online meetings. 

Brehm Residency Group

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To learn more or apply for the Brehm Residency, contact us.
The deadline for the 2020-2021 cohort is September 11, 2020.

Brehm Residency Support Staff

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