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The Next Faithful Step

Week 8: Family

CF565: Empowering the People of God

This week instead of a case study, I am going to ask you to watch a movie called “The Incredibles.” It is an animated movie that you should find rather easily on Netflix or Amazon.

Instead of writing about a case study, I want you to respond to the movie. There are a number of themes in the movie. So you can pick whichever one you want.

Just as a reminder, we have talked so far in this class about:
* Health
* Role Conflict
* Work
* Money
* Vocation
* and now this week, Family

I would argue that all of those themes are present in this movie. Pick one (ONE) and write your usual paper. Reminder: your papers tend to work better when you name ahead of time the (a) presenting problem; (b) the deeper issue; and (c) the theological issue.

Stressors On The American Family

  1. "Marital Spats, Taken to Heart" (from the New York Times)
  2. "The Overworked American"
  3. Worker "Productivity" is Rising

Chap Clark On "Inside The World Of Today's Teenagers"

Video 1 "What is the project?"

Video 2 Youth at Society's Margins

Video 3 Social Networking

Video 6 Why call it "Hurt"?

Video 7 Five Parental Responses

Here are the links to Videos 4 & 5. They are optional. You can view them (or not) as you think is best.